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aelf Leading Blockchain Technology Innovation Center in Tianjin

aelf Leading Blockchain Technology Innovation Center in Tianjin


Source: Daily Hodle

By partnering with the Tsinghua Fellow and the Chinese government, aelf Enterprise is developing more diversified application scenarios, empowering its own promising blockchain ecosystem.

On May 21, 2021, local time, Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center was officially unveiled at the opening ceremony of Tianjin National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone Summit Forum. The Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, led and founded by aelf, is buttressed by the Chinese government with respect to policies, business real estate, community, talent and more. Technically, it is comprehensively approved and willingly supported by Tsinghua Fellow, Weimin Zheng.

During the opening ceremony, Tsinghua Fellow Weimin Zheng highly approved of aelf’s blockchain tech, saying,

“The development of the blockchain industry is facing many universal problems – the most intractable of which is public chain’s core capabilities. With years of efforts, aelf can now provide a distinguished solution. aelf Enterprise is well-reputed in its capabilities of providing well-rounded security, technology and scalability support for aelf ECO – the self-managed blockchain ecosystem.”

At the Innovation Center, aelf has contributed to blockchain architecture design and infrastructure, blockchain transformation consulting and solution design, blockchain system monitoring, operation and maintenance, decentralized smart-contract application research and development, and more.

As blockchain has become a part of China’s development strategy, Chinese domestic public chains have attracted more and more attention. Since 2019, China has pinpointed blockchain implementation as an imperative national strategy, thus vigorously promoting the application of blockchain technology. The second most powerful nation has now begun to advocate and deploy it into finance, supply chains and government affairs.

China has adopted aelf Enterprise as the first underlying infrastructure of blockchain to meet the needs of Tianjin’s blockchain technology application in the future. The Tianjin Municipal Government focuses on supporting a blockchain technology innovation center. The members of this center include the aelf team and fellows at Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Engineering and others.

Afters years of work and investment, aelf has achieved many accomplishments. Looking deeply into its many facets, it is not surprising that aelf reached what appears to be overnight success.

  • aelf is the first to achieve a fully autonomous, controllable and real-time open source blockchain system.
  • aelf is the first blockchain system to process 100,000-level high-throughput concurrent data.
  • aelf is the first blockchain system that supports a multi-scenario cross-chain collaborative work mechanism.
  • aelf is the first blockchain system with a highly scalable multi-level tree structure.
  • aelf is the first blockchain system that can run smart contracts in mainstream programming languages.

Buttressed by the top-tier technical expert, as well as favored by the Chinese government, aelf will be able to invite more DApps and scenarios into its blockchain ecosystem, aelf ECO. The aelf ECO is inclusive. Thanks to aelf Enterprise’s parallel multi-sidechain structure, aelf can offer fundamental support to certain subdivisions, such as finance, manufacturing, file storage, copyright certification, and many more – and they can be freely combined to achieve a variety of different applications.

During the ceremony, Haoba Ma said,

“In the future, aelf will actively play the two-way driving role of technology exploration and application landing. We will contribute to making Tianjin into a leading domestic and world-class blockchain technology innovation highland, an application highland and a talent highland. Tianjin will contribute to the improvement of the world’s blockchain industry ecology, and highlight ‘China’ on the international blockchain competition arena. Cheers.”

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