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Tom Brady’s Estranged Wife Gisele Bundchen Claims FTX Collapse ‘Blindsided’ Her

Tom Brady’s Estranged Wife Gisele Bundchen Claims FTX Collapse ‘Blindsided’ HerFormer U.S. National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tom Brady’s estranged wife Gisele Bundchen has said she was “blindsided” by the collapse of crypto exchange FTX. Bundchen claimed that she only invested in FTX because her financial advisors recommended it. Bundchen and Brady’s Shareholding in FTX Gisele Bundchen, a fashion model and the estranged wife of […]

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Texas to probe FTX endorsements by Tom Brady, Stephen Curry and other celebs

The Texas State Securities Board is scrutinizing payments received by celebrities to endorse FTX US, as part of a wider probe into FTX's collapse.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady and NBA point guard Stephen Curry are reportedly among the celebrities facing a probe from the Texas financial regulator over their promotion of the now-bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX. 

Joe Rotunda, director of enforcement at the Texas State Securities Board reportedly told Bloomberg in a Nov. 22 report that the Texas State Securities Board is scrutinizing payments received by celebrities to endorse FTX US, what disclosures were made and how accessible they were for investors.

Rotunda however noted that while the watchdog was taking a "close look at them," the celebrities’ endorsements of FTX were not an "immediate priority,” but would be part of the “regulator's larger probe into FTX's collapse."

Both Brady and Curry have also been named in a Nov. 15 class-action lawsuit against FTX, along with former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

The lawsuit alleged that they “controlled, promoted, assisted in, and actively participated” in FTX Trading LTD and West Realm Shires Services Inc.

Others named in the class action include model Gisele Bundchen, the Golden State Warriors basketball team, NBA player Udonis Haslem and co-creator of Seinfeld Larry David.

Cointelegraph reached out to the Texas State Securities Board for comment but did not receive a reply before publication.

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In the past surveys have found that nearly half of retail investors will follow digital asset advice from the social media accounts of celebrities and influencers without question, and this has seen more than a few use their influence to shill crypto products and projects.

In October, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was fined by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for “touting on social media” about the EMAX without disclosing she was paid $250,000 to post about it.

Kardashian has neither admitted to nor denied the SEC’s allegations, but settled the charges and agreed to not promote any cryptocurrency assets until 2025.

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Steph Curry files trademark for the ‘Curryverse’ where players earn NFTs

NBA superstar Steph Curry filed a trademark application for the “Curryverse" metaverse on Oct. 26.

National Basketball League (NBA) megastar Steph Curry looks set to introduce his own version of the Metaverse to NBA’s 650 million fans — filing a “Curryverse” trademark application on Oct. 26. 

If approved, the United States-based trademark application, filed by SC30 Inc. will grant the four-time NBA champion exclusive rights for “entertainment services, namely, personal and virtual and metaversal appearances.”

According to the filing, the “Curryverse” will also provide “online gaming services in the nature of virtual worlds,” where players will be able to earn both fungible and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which will be able to be bought or sold at an “online marketplace.”

The application also covers virtual clothing and goods, business management and investment services, charitable fundraising services, and software as a service (Saas) featuring software platforms for designing, promoting, selling, and exchanging NFTs, among others. 

While more specific details of the Curryverse haven’t been announced, the NBA star’s metaverse will likely garner a lot of attention given his 47 million fan base on Instagram and 17.1 million followers on Twitter.

While the Metaverse-related trademark appears to be a first for Curry, it definitely isn’t his first move into Web3.

In August 2021, Curry first became a part of the NFT community following a $206,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club purchase.

The Golden State Warriors player’s liking for golf also led him to invest in LinksDAO — a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aimed to build the “world’s greatest golf community.”

The NBA superstar has also featured in an FTX advertisement in March as part of his ambassador role with the popular crypto exchange.

NBA’s Miami Heat gets Web3 sponsor

Meanwhile, just eight days after landing a multi-year partnership with National Football League (NFL) team New England Patriots, blockchain infrastructure firm Chain has just become the official “Web3/Blockchain infrastructure partner” of the Miami Heat.

Chain stated in its Nov. 1 press release that its partnership will aim to “bridge the gap between the sports industry and Web3 technology” by providing a suite of products and services that “address the complexities of overall blockchain management.”

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The partnership will also see Chain’s logo be imprinted on the Miami Heat player’s pre-game shooting shirt, with the blockchain solutions company also set to prominently feature on the NBA team’s social media platforms.

In Mar. 2021, FTX entered a $135 million partnership with the Florida-based team to secure naming rights to the Miami Heat’s 21,000 seat stadium until 2040 — which is now officially called FTX Arena.

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Ticket Marketplace Giant Ticketmaster Chooses Flow Blockchain for NFT Push

Ticket Marketplace Giant Ticketmaster Chooses Flow Blockchain for NFT PushThis week, Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. revealed the company will give event organizers the ability to mint non-fungible token (NFT) tickets via the Flow blockchain. Last November, Ticketmaster said it was working with Polygon but since Super Bowl LVI, the ticket sales and distribution behemoth started working with the Dapper Labs-managed Flow. Ticketmaster Has Minted More […]

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Nifty News: NFL All Day opens to the public, Boss Beauties go to Hollywood and more…

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins is jumping on the NFT train, while lovers of fine art are set to enjoy a fancy exhibition event in Decentraland next week.

NFL fans at large will now be able to get their hands on digital keepsakes of their favorite football stars after Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day NFT finally opened to the public after a seven-month-long closed beta.

On Aug. 18, The National Football League (NFL), the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), and Dapper officially launched the project and announced the first public NFT drop, a pack of four NFTs dubbed “Headliner” consisting of four different new player moments.

Users will have the chance to get their hands on NFTs depicting popular players such as Tom Brady, Trevor Lawrence, Javonte Williams, and Jalen Ramsey. There will be a total of 22,500 packs on sale for $59 a pop.

The NFTs come in different rarity tiers of common, rare and legendary, with just 187 packs containing a highly sought after legendary NFT.

Much like Dapper’s first officially licensed NBA Top Shot project, NFL All Day offers tokenized player and team collectibles depicting various in-game video highlights known as “moments”. There are also GameFi elements added to the experience via avenues such as collector challenges to earn rewards in NFTs, game tickets, VIP experiences, Jersey’s etc.

The project has been in closed beta since February, and has generated more than $37 million worth of sales to date according to data from CryptoSlam.

“Last year’s soft launch brought in a surge of early adopters who began collecting video highlight NFTs of NFL plays and we plan to grow the number of users significantly with the official launch of the platform,” noted Joe Ruggiero, the senior vice president of consumer products at the NFL.

NFT start up pens Hollywood deal

NFT start-up Boss Beauties has penned a representation deal with major Hollywood talent agency WME.

As part of the deal, WME will rep the company across the entertainment sector as it works to secure Boss Beauties intellectual licensing (IP) deals in film, Wb3, gaming, events, brand partnerships etc.

The Boss Beauties project consists of 10,000 unique tokenized digital art portraits depicting female avatars with various career choices such as CEOs, pilots, doctors and astronauts. The collection reportedly sold out in 90 mins after launch in September.

The project has generated more than $48.3 million worth of sales to date, with a portion of the proceeds from primary and secondary sales going towards empowering women via mentorships and scholarships.

CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs signed a similar deal with competing agency UTA back in September.

Metaverse Art Week 2022

Decentraland, one of the biggest Metaverse platforms in the blockchain sector, is set to host the third-annual Metaverse Art Week event in its virtual world between Aug. 24 and Aug. 28.

The event will see a wide array of curated NFT art being featured from big names such as Sotheby’s, OpenSea, Artnet, while there will also scheduled panel discussions, a virtual outdoor sculpture garden and a 3D interactive art wall.

“The third annual Metaverse Art Week will explore how the human spirit is hardwired to elicit an emotional response when presented with art inspired by mathematical designs present in nature, and how metaverse technology is pushing the boundaries of programmatic art and redefining what an immersive experience is,” the Decentraland team wrote in an announcement shared with Cointelegraph.

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From Golden Globes to NFTs: Sir Anthony Hopkins

Renowned 84-year-old actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has jumped aboard the NFT gravy train by announcing The Eternal Collection, a set of 10 digitally animated NFT pieces depicting Hopkins as various Jungian psychological archetypes.

The various 1-of-1 NFT artwork pieces feature realistic digital renderings of Hopkins’ face as the Hero, the Rebel, the Magician, the Sage, the Ruler, the Explorer, the Lover, the Creator, the Giver, and the Jester. The auctions are set to go live on OpenSea on September 16. The Face of each art piece will also be used to create 100 profile picture NFTs for each of the 10 pieces, equating to 1,010 NFTs in total. The project is in collaboration with Web3 media company Orange Comet.

The Eternal Anthony Hopkins: Orange Comet

Other Nifty News:

The Australian Football League (AFL)’s first limited edition drop of NFTs sold out in just under 12 hours on Wednesday. The project is called AFL Mint, and follows a similar format to NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. The first “Ripper Skipper 2022” drop consisted of 3,800 packs which generated more than $130,000 in revenue for AFL Mint.

Solana-based wallet provider Phantom launched a new burn feature on Thursday which enables users to remove spam NFTs sent by scammers.

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

NFL Franchise Houston Texans to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Single Game Suites

NFL Franchise Houston Texans to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Single Game SuitesThe professional American football team the Houston Texans revealed that it has entered an exclusive partnership with the company Bitwallet. The deal will give Houston Texans fans the ability to purchase single game suites with cryptocurrencies. Bitwallet Becomes the ‘Official Digital Currency Wallet of the Houston Texans,’ NFL Team Accepts Crypto Assets for Single Game […]

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Houston Texans becomes first NFL team to sell game suite with crypto

After penning a deal with Texas-based crypto wallet providers BitWallet, the Houston Texans join a long list of crypto partnerships and payment deals in the NFL.

National Football League (NFL) team Houston Texans has become the first organization in the league to sell single-game suites in exchange for crypto.

The move comes as part of a deal with Texas-based crypto firm bitWallet, which as of Aug. 16 became the official crypto wallet provider for the team. bitWallet will also provide intermediary services by exchanging crypto for cash for the Houston Texans.

According to an announcement from the Houston Texans, local digital marketing agency EWR Digital made the first single-game suite purchasing using crypto shortly after the offer launched, making it the first time a game suite has been sold in exchange for digital assets in the history of the sport.

It appears the crypto deal is just for suites, as there has been no mention of being able to purchase regular game day tickets with digital assets at this stage. 

A game suite refers to a luxury private viewing box in the stadium that is often decked out with buffets, expensive alcohol, bathrooms, TVs, attendants, and a prime location to view the game.

The Houston Texans’ website doesn’t list a price for single-game or full season suites, instead asking people to first submit an inquiry to secure one. From The Seat estimates a single game suite for the team costing anywhere from $14,000 to $25,000.

bitWallet claims to be supported in over 160 countries and currently enables users to trade or hodl Bitcoin, (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

NFL, crypto and blockchain

The Dallas Cowboys became the first team in the NFL to pen a crypto sponsorship deal in April, after Crypto.com signed on to be its official digital asset partner over a multi-year time frame.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) also partnered with Flow blockchain creators Dapper Labs in late 2021 to launch the licensed NFL All Day NFT collectible project. The deal also saw the NFL and NFLPA take an equity stake in Dapper, and the duo likely have fetched a fair cut of the $36.8 million worth of sales NFL All Day has generated since February.

The league also has many crypto-friendly players that have opted to take either a chunk of their salary or contract bonuses in digital assets, including top names such as Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, former LA Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who was the top draft pick in 2021.

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Iconic quarterback Tom Brady has also dabbled in the space by launching his own NFT marketplace Autograph in April 2021, and also famously gave a fan 1 BTC (worth $62,000 at the time) to get his historic 600th-touchdown-pass ball back in October.

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

Blockchain.com Inks Sponsorship Deal With the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys

Blockchain.com Inks Sponsorship Deal With the NFL’s Dallas CowboysOn Wednesday, the firm Blockchain.com announced it inked a deal with the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as the team’s “exclusive digital asset partner.” The deal will bring Blockchain.com a great deal of exposure in terms of television, signage, and radio and the digital currency company will also have its own club space inside AT&T Stadium in […]

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

This Year’s Super Bowl Attendees to Get Commemorative NFT Tickets From NFL, Ticketmaster

This Year’s Super Bowl Attendees to Get Commemorative NFT Tickets From NFL, TicketmasterThe National Football League (NFL) has announced the American football organization plans to give fans virtual commemorative tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the upcoming Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles. The NFL has partnered with Ticketmaster to issue the commemorative NFT tickets allowing fans to hold “a digital keepsake from their […]

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court

7 NFL players that chose crypto over cash salaries

At least seven NFL pro athletes are now turning to crypto to help bolster their bottom line and ensure they have enough wealth after their pro careers come to an end.

For NFL fans, 2021 was a great year. Stadiums returned to capacity crowds after the 2020 season was shortened with limited attendance. Stadium parking lots were again filled with the enthusiastic anticipation of tailgaters and their barbequed camaraderie. 

It was also a great year for Bitcoin (BTC) investors as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization reached all-time high prices multiple times throughout 2021, eventually topping out at $69,000 in early November. This led to a dramatic increase in media coverage of Bitcoin.

Seven NFL players in 2021 decided to call the audible and begin either being paid in crypto or having their cash salary partially converted to crypto. These players have capitalized on the return of the regular season and the increased profitability of Bitcoin.

Aaron Rodgers

The reigning 2020 NFL MVP announced via a Nov. 1 video post on Twitter that he was partnering with Cash App payment service to accept a portion of his salary in Bitcoin. Rodgers will earn roughly $22.3 million this year.

The video depicted Rodgers dressed as John Wick for a Halloween party. If that wasn’t strange enough, likely by design, Rodgers also told viewers that he would donate $1 million in BTC.

In Rodgers’ case, he will have a portion of his salary sent to his Cash App account, which he will then use to buy BTC. 

The Twitter profile for the star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers features a picture of himself on the field during a game with the iconic laser eyes, further signaling his support for BTC.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is another very high-profile NFL star quarterback who dabbled heavily in cryptocurrency in 2021. Brady has not yet said that he is being paid in BTC by the NFL, but he will be paid in crypto by FTX exchange after he took an equity stake in Sam Bankman-Fried’s exchange, and will serve as a brand ambassador.

Brady has not reserved himself to crypto assets alone, however. The iconic football star launched his own NFT platform, called Autograph, in April to attract the top talent in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture.

It doesn’t end there for Brady and crypto, though. Late in October, Brady threw the 600th passing touchdown of his career, marking an all-time high for the NFL, and helping to secure Brady’s position as the all-time leading touchdown passer in the league’s history. Brady paid 1 BTC to the fan who was initially given the ball by the receiver who completed the touchdown.

That BTC was worth about $62,000 at the time of the game, but the ball itself may be worth over $500,000 according to Goldin Auctions sports memorabilia auction company.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) followed in Aaron Rodgers’ footsteps by announcing late in November that he had partnered with Cash App to receive his salary from the NFL in BTC. His contract stipulates that he should receive about $4.25 million from the NFL this season.

The Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver told fans that he would give back $1 million in BTC as part of his new partnership with Cash App. Beckham appears to be no stranger to the crypto and NFT scene as his Twitter profile dons a Crypto Punk NFT.

In case you haven’t noticed, Jack Dorsey’s Cash App is involved with both OBJ’s and Aaron Rodgers’ BTC salary deal. The payment service app has had a great 2021 through the first three quarters of the year by raking in nearly $10 billion in revenue from 36 million active users and 100 million downloads.

Trevor Lawrence

The Carolina Panthers’ new star quarterback joined the ranks of NFL superstars who are publicly accepting crypto payments. Lawrence’s deal, however, is not with the NFL directly. The 2021 NFL top draft pick’s crypto salary comes from an endorsement deal with the crypto portfolio app FTX (formerly Blockfolio).

The value of his deal has not been made public, but if Lawrence has been hodling his crypto earnings, there is a good chance he has enjoyed an appreciation in value, especially from the Solana (SOL) coins. The total crypto market cap has increased by about $500 billion since late April when the deal was announced.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley, the superstar running back from the New York Giants, revealed in July that he was converting all of his endorsement pay into BTC. As with most others on this list, Barkley is not being paid directly with crypto. Instead, he is swapping some of his cash earnings for crypto.

Barkley is using the Strike payment app to acquire his BTC. He is not the first NFL player to use Strike to buy BTC with his salary, however. Last year, former NFL offensive lineman Russel Okung became the first player to publicly share that he was using Strike to convert his NFL salary to BTC.

Barkley’s reasoning for trying to amass wealth with BTC revolved around the lack of longevity among NFL athletes. He told The Best Business Show host Anthony Pompliano on July 15:

"When you see the KD's, the Lebrons and Bradys of the world and you want to create generational wealth, you can't do that with the sport that I play and the position that I play and coming off of injuries. When you sit out of football for a whole year, you realize that this game could be taken away from you."

Sean Culkin

Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Sean Culkin went public with his plans to convert his entire salary from the NFL into BTC. While others on this list committed to converting only a portion of their salary into Bitcoin or being paid for endorsements with cryptos, Culkin is swapping 100% of his salary.

Like with Saquon Barkley, Culkin’s reasoning for turning to crypto has to do with the short half-life common among players in the league. The average time most athletes spend in the NFL is 3.3 years, according to Statista. Culkin said in a statement:

“Considering my career—particularly its physical demands, and brevity–it makes the most sense to be paid in sound money that I believe protects its purchasing power over time.”

Aaron Jones

Last but certainly not least on the list of NFL stars earning crypto is the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Jones. The running back signed a deal with FTX to become an ambassador for the exchange in September. Like with Tom Brady’s deal, Jones purchased an equity stake in the exchange.

Jones will also integrate the FTX Pay platform into his own charity’s website to enable it to accept crypto donations.

Voyager’s $1B sale to Binance.US put on hold by US court