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Nifty News: Solana NFT trading volume, Nike RTFKT COO hacked, and more

Twitch streamer and NFT project founder DNP3 admitted in a Twitter post that he gambled and lost investor funds.

DNP3, a streamer and founder of several crypto projects like The charity-focused crypto CluCoin, The Goobers NFT and the metaverse platform Gridcraft Network has admitted to losing investor funds through gambling. 

In a tweet, the nonfungible token (NFT) project founder talked about his gambling addiction and issued a public apology.

The Twitch streamer said that he got "incredibly addicted" to gambling in the last year. Eventually, the Twitch streamer claimed that he lost everything. He wrote

“In addition to my own life savings, I also irresponsibly used investor funds to try and get my money back from the casino which was wrong for so many reasons.”

The streamer added that he is now financially and spiritually broke. He also highlighted that his sense of trust in himself is compromised. "I’m working with a help group to start the path to recovery," he added.

Nike's RTFKT COO loses NFTs to hack

Nikhil Gopalani, the chief operating officer of the NFT project RTFKT, went on Twitter to say that his NFT collection was stolen in a phishing attack. Gopalani described the attacker as a “clever phisher” and said that the scammer sold his Clone X NFTs.

OpenSea data shows that the attacker used two wallets to steal Gopalani's NFTs, which are worth around $173,000. This includes 19 CloneX NFTs, 18 RTFKT Space Pods, 17 Loot Pods and 11 CryptoKicks. Data from Etherscan also shows that only $0.11 in Ether (ETH) remains in the wallet linked to Gopalani. 

While the method of phishing is not yet revealed, a tweet from RTFKT CTO Samuel Cardillo suggests that Gopalani may have provided access codes to some scammers.

Gamers bully NFTs out of mainstream games

The internet's anti-NFT narrative seems to have successfully separated mainstream game development companies from NFTs. Throughout 2022, game developers like Stalker studio GSC Game World, Ubisoft and Worms developer Team17 backpedaled on their intent to integrate NFTs within games due to negative feedback from the gaming community.

After executing NFT integration through its Quartz project, game developer Ubisoft took a step back on NFTs. The u-turn came after the gaming company received negative feedback online on Quartz in 2021.

Amid the pushback, many still believe that NFTs and games can intertwine. On Nov. 4, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson spoke at an earnings call and highlighted that NFTs and play-to-earn are the future of gaming. However, the EA CEO also noted that it's still early to see how it would work. 

Apart from EA, Final Fantasy creator Square Enix has also been a supporter of integrating NFTs and blockchain into gaming. The company recently invested in an NFT gaming company.

Solana NFT trade volume show signs of strength

After being dealt a massive loss with the Solana (SOL) token losing above 90% of its value in 2021, NFT trading volumes within the Solana blockchain are showing signs of strength, with Christmas day having the most activities.

According to NFT data tracker CryptoSlam, Solana had above $80 million in NFT sales in the last 30 days. The blockchain had over 800,000 transactions in that timespan, surpassing Polygon and ImmutableX.

Source: CryptoSlam

Despite its great month, it's uncertain if the strength shown will continue as most of the volume came from DeGods and y00ts, which are both bridging into Polygon and Ethereum to pursue further adoption. 

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney

Nifty News: Nafty launches naughty NFT site, Dutch DJ pushes limits of physical NFTs

Nafty has launched an erotic-themed NFT marketplace, while DeviantArt is tracking down art theft on NFT marketplaces, and the Rugby League World cup is dropping NFT collectib


Nafty, a blockchain firm that produces decentralized NSFW platforms —such as OnlyFans competitor Nafty.TV — launched an erotic-themed NFT marketplace dubbed “NaftyArt” today.

NaftyArt aims to provide a platform for erotic artists and adult-content creators to promote and sell their tokenized works without fears of it being removed, or their accounts shadowbanned. It may also give some NFT proponents an excuse for out-laying large sums of money on NSFW content. The announcement read:

“Erotic Artists and Adult Content creators have been struggling for some time to get their work prominently featured on mainstream NFT marketplaces. A lot have found their work is removed as it contains nudity or at best they are shadowbanned, with potential buyers unable to see their work.”

Nafty is also promoting the platform as a way to generate an additional revenue stream outside of the subscription model, and noted the move was brought on by OnlyFans' recent policy controversy in which it announced plans to ban adult content before it revoked the decision:

“This way of content monetization was boosted by the recent announcement from fansite OnlyFans regarding their policies on explicit content. Although the decision was subsequently suspended, many adult creators are looking for a more secure way to earn from content.”

DJ Don Diablo is not dabbling in NFTs

Dutch DJ Don Diablo is working on an ambitious NFT project called Hexhibit that will include a “real word chamber” or room related to the artwork depicted in the token.

The NFT contains an audiovisual file that depicts a UFO-like machine landing in an imaginary world. Diablo told Rolling Stone on Sept. 13 that he is building the physical chamber of the UFO machine so that the holder can actually stand in the artwork depicted in the NFT.

“I thought, ‘Why not actually build the thing?’ Of course, that’s pretty ludicrous, because it would weigh a couple of tons…. [but] I said, ‘What if you could stand inside an NFT, literally? That hasn’t been done before,” he said.

While he didn’t reveal specific details of the chamber, he hinted it could be anything from a “mini club” to a “mini cinema,” and claimed that he is spending an equivalent amount of money to purchase a house in building the NFT chamber.

The NFT is slated to go up for auction on Sotheby’s sometime this fall. To date Diablo has generated $3.5 million from a total of four NFT sales, including a one-of-one tokenized audio-visual file that sold for $2.2 million in April.

DeviantArt using AI to track token art theft

With copy-cat NFT projects in the news and outright art theft also appearing to be an issue, DeviantArt has quietly expanded its AI software to spot theft on NFT marketplaces.

Deviant launched its AI-based image recognition tool to spot copyright infringement on its own platform in July, however earlier this month it expanded the scope to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

The program is called “DeviantArt Protect” and it appears to be helping some users already, with digital artist “akreon” revealing on Twitter that it had notified him of a NFT using his art on OpenSea.

Ruby League World Cup dropping collectibles

The Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) 2021 (postponed until November 2022) has partnered with NuArca to launch an NFT marketplace for tokenized rugby collectibles.

The NFT collectibles will depict historic moments, players, nations, stars and milestones from the second oldest World Cup tournament across all codes. The marketplace will also provide fan engagement features such as quests and “earn experiences” for users to obtain select NFT drops.

Some NFTs will also be bundled into collectible card packs, however the price points and launch dates are yet to be revealed. Rugby fans can now register for the drop on the RLWC website however.

“We believe the launch of our NFT partnership is a first for the sport of Rugby League. NFTs will provide fans with an opportunity to show their passion and loyalty for the sport, and alongside collectors, give them the chance to own a piece of Rugby League history,” said Jonathan Neill, Commercial Director at RLWC 2021.


OpenSea executive Nate Chastain has been outed for hyping NFTs he purchased and then featuring them on the homepage of the popular NFT marketplace. OpenSea confirmed the allegations in a blog post Wednesday and noted that “this is incredibly disappointing. We want to be clear that this behavior does not represent our values as a team."

Cointelegraph reported on Sept. 14 that Google had partnered with Dapper Labs to help support the development of new Web 3 products and services, including NFTs and gaming.

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney

Nifty News: Dolce & Gabbana’s historic NFTs, ’26 minute’ CryptoPunk flip, FTX spammed

People on Twitter were accusing Pranksy of wash trading a CryptoPunk NFT, Dolce & Gabbana is auctioning luxury NFTs to “approved bidders” and FTX was spammed with tokenized fish.

Dolce & Gabbana knocking on the Dior of NFTs

Luxury Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is entering the NFT sector with a nine-piece collection of tokenized fashion pieces in collaboration with the Polygon-based UNXD marketplace.

The firm was founded by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985 and has since evolved into a multinational giant that offers high-end fashion items for eye-watering prices.

Dubbed “Collezione Genesi” the collection consists of nine one-of-one NFTs that are up for auction starting Sept. 20. The NFTs depict illustrations and digital art of garments designed by Dolce and Gabbana, which can be utilized as wearables in an unspecified metaverse.

Ordinary NFT fans won’t be able to ape into this one as the firm is only allowing “approved bidders” to participate in the exclusive auction. The firm tweeted on Sept. 7:

“This is a celebration of human artistry and craftsmanship. Of what humans can do that machines simply cannot on their own. These creations, both digital and physical, are magical. They took thousands upon thousands of hours to craft. They will 100% end up in a museum one day.”

While details are sparse at the time of publication, the firm has hinted at long-term ambitions in the NFT space after stating that it will unveil an “exciting roadmap” next week.

“As with all successful NFT projects, this debut collection is not where the story ends, but where it truly begins. Winning collectors/hodlers can also be assured there will be more exclusive surprises for them in the future,” the firm said.

Temporary CryptoPunk mystery

There were reports this week that well known NFT whale Pranksy held a CryptoPunk NFT for just 26 minutes before selling for a $1.23 million profit.

Web Smith, a writer for online publication 2PMinc highlighted the half hour NFT trade via Twitter on Sept. 6 and noted that:

“If you went to school to specialize in wealth management or finance, you are likely paralyzed by this moment in time.”

The NFT in question is CryptoPunk 6275 which depicts a green zombie with a mohawk. Its transaction history shows that Pranksy bought the NFT for 1,000 Ethereum (ETH) worth $3.89 million on Sept.4.

Smith’s claim that the CryptoPunk was held for 26 minutes appears to be mistaken, as the transaction data shows that Pranksy held the NFT for six hours before selling it for $5.12 million later that day.

In response to Smith’s post, various users accused it of being a wash trade to pump the price of the asset. CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre — who thinks everything is a scam and is rich enough to make defamatory accusations without any evidence — questioned whether it was “to manipulate the market or launder money, or both… that is the only real question.”

Pranksy himself posted about the trade via Twitter on Sept. 5, and emphasized that liquidity is key when dealing with NFTs:

Rakuten to launch NFT marketplace

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is set to launch an NFT marketplace in the spring of 2022.

The Rakuten NFT marketplace will follow a similar route to Jack Ma’s Alibaba-based NFT platform, as it is aimed at enabling IP holders to sell their tokenized content from categories such as sports, entertainment, music and anime.

Along with ecommerce, Rakuten also provides services in sectors such as fintech, telecommunications and entertainment. The firm has stated that the new NFT marketplace will be linked to its other services, with users being able to acquire NFTs as prizes or rewards related to other products and services. There are also plans to enable users to redeem Rakuten points when trading on its NFT marketplace.

Rakuten is no stranger to crypto and blockchain tech, and Cointelegraph reported in March that the firm integrated its digital wallet with its e-commerce platform to enable customers to use Bitcoin for online shopping payments.

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FTX spammed with fish

Following the launch of FTX’s new NFT marketplace, the platform was spammed with so many pictures of fish that it temporarily changed its NFT submission fee to $500.

Founder and multi-billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried tweeted on Sept. 6 that ”due to the massive number of submissions, too many of which were just a picture of a fish, we are now charging a one-time $500 fee to submit NFTs.”

In response to the move, a significant number of users pointed out that the expensive fee structure will deter people from using the platform while highlighting that there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

It appears that Bankman-Fried was responsive to the concerns of the community, and revealed on Twitter that the platform removed the $500 fee, and instead will charge a flat $10 per minted NFT.


In rare NFT FUD, the NFL has reportedly barred all teams and members from crypto-related sponsorships and advertisements, as well as nonfungible token (NFT) sales until the league establishes a strategy “for sports digital trading cards and art.”

Cointelegraph reported on Sept.6 that Lobby Lobster NFTs depicting cartoon lobsters in suits raised more than $4 million to support lobbying efforts supporting the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney

Nifty News: Vogue tokenizes magazine covers, autographed Tesla and more…

Vogue Singapore has tokenized its front covers, Animoca Brands expanded its investment portfolio, and acclaimed producer Rob Weiss has signed up to direct a crypto series.

NFTs are in Vogue

Readers of high-end fashion magazine Vogue Singapore will be able to fight for a chance to purchase two tokenized front cover images.

The front cover of Vogue’s September issue will feature QR codes allowing readers to sign up for an auction of two one-of-a-kind “virtual-only covers.” While Vogue has revealed that the auction will take place in September, the publication is yet to reveal the exact date of the auction.

Triumphant Awakening, the first of the animated covers up for auction, depicts a gold statuette in front of a blue planet encircled by a rising and setting sun. Vogue said the cover was inspired by its global theme of “New Beginnings” — which links all 27 global editions in September, according to a company statement.

The second cover, The RenaiXance Rising, features an avatar wearing a gown inspired by Singaporean and Malay culture. The token comprises a programmable NFT, with its background changing throughout the day based on what time it is in Singapore.

Virtual cover NFTs: Vogue Singapore

Alongside the two digital covers, Vogue Singapore is also dropping an additional 15 fashioned-focused one-of-one NFTs. A feature of the collection is the “Flame Dress” NFT, as it can be ported and used in the Altava fashion gaming app. The winning bidder will also receive a digital certificate of authenticity, along with sketches of the NFT dress designed by creative director Olivier Rousteing.

Tokenized Tesla autographed by Elon Musk

Autographia, a marketplace for signed memorabilia, will auction off a tokenized photo of a diminutive Tesla Model X replica. The toy car depicted was physically signed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, featuring his signature scrawled across its hood.

Signed Telsa X replica NFT: Autographia

The auction will last for 10 days from Aug. 29 on the HODL Diamond Marketplace. Opening bids will start at 7.5 Ethereum (ETH) — worth roughly $23,700 at the time of writing.

The sale is Autographia’s first move to expand its offerings into NFTs. The image of the toy Tesla will be the first tokenized memorabilia sold by the firm. 

Another Animoca investment

Global NFT licensing agency Epik Prime announced on Aug. 25 that Animoca Brands co-led investment into the firm’s $EPIK membership token, which will launch on the Huobi Prime crypto exchange on Aug. 27.

Epik provides licensed cross-chain compatible NFTs that players can use in games and virtual metaverses. The token will be utilized to drive growth in further brand licensing and cross-chain gaming projects centered on NFTs.

In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, Animoca Brands co-founder and chairman, Yat Siu, stated, “We look forward to expanding our presence in brand licensing, gaming, and metaverse ecosystems.”

Epik claims to be “the first and only NFT company” to secure deals with AAA gaming firms. Epik’s clients include ViacomCBS, Warner Music, Garena, Tencent and Universal.

Animoca Brands is a leading NFT game developer, having launched several successful titles including F1 Delta Time and The Sandbox. The firm was valued at $1 billion in May, with the firm making significant investments in Axie Infinity, Dapper Labs, OpenSea and MLB Champions.

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Weiss takes his entourage to NFTs

Rob Weiss, the American producer best known for his work on the popular TV shows Entourage and Ballers, will executive produce and direct multiple episodes of the upcoming crypto-themed series “Hold On for Dear Life” (HODL) series.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph in March, HODL is a scripted TV comedy centered on the lives of crypto entrepreneurs, developed by Beacon Pictures. The producers are minting NFTs celebrating the show, and plan to tokenize a full episode.

While details were sparse at the time of the initial announcement, an Aug. 25 article from Variety has revealed that Weiss is set to take the reins for a portion of the 10-episode series.

“When I read the ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ pilot, I felt as if I had been transported into a fresh and unique universe where characters spoke about money in a whole new language,” Weiss told Variety, adding:

“The world of currency is rapidly changing, and ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ will both illuminate and entertain at the same time.”

HODL will also be one of the first shows to feature on blockchain-based streaming service Sator. Earlier this month, Sator announced that it had minted the first series of official HODL NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

The NFTs offer owners the opportunity to provide input on the direction of the show’s story, such as selecting when a charter goes bankrupt or suffers heartbreak.

The NFTs were dropped in partnership with NFT marketplace, Refinable. The tokens have seen little trading since launch, with the “Heartbreak a Character” token receiving a single bid of 0.37 Binance Coin (BNB) worth $182, while “Bankrupt a Character” has had zero bids.


Cointelegraph reported earlier today that popular beer company Budweiser appeared to unofficially sanction a piece of NFT art after purchasing it for use on its Twitter profile.

According to OpenSea records, the beer producer purchased a Budweiser-branded rocketship NFT on Aug. 24 for 8 ETH worth roughly $25,704, which is now its official Twitter profile picture.

The head of Facebook Financial and co-creator of Facebook-initiated cryptocurrency Diem, David Marcus, said on Wednesday that the firm is “definitely looking” at possible ways to get involved in the NFT industry, such as providing NFT support in Diem wallets.

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney

Nifty News: Mike Tyson’s ear-biting tokens, the NFT that makes you a TV star, and more…

An Australian TV show is auctioning off an NFT that will see the winning bidder become part of the show next season, while sporting icons Mike Tyson and Lionel Messi have entered the NFT arena.

Mike Tyson bites the ear off NFTs

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has dropped a series of tokenized collectibles on the heavyweight champion platform of the NFT world, OpenSea.

The 55-year-old collaborated with digital artist Cory Van Lew to launch the “Mike Tyson NFT Collection,” which consists of 11 one-of-one NFTs up for auction, and six open edition NFTs that range from 50 to 250 copies.

The collection was released earlier today. The NFTs depict neon-colored illustrations of iconic moments from Tyson’s career such as knockouts, championship wins and the notorious “ear-biting” escapade.

Tyson's NFT collection: OpenSea

At the time of writing, there are three one-of-one editions with a top bid of 5 ETH each worth around $16,000, however, the prices are likely to climb fast as the auction doesn’t close until Aug. 24. Tyson also stated on Twitter that the buy now editions all sold out within an hour of launch.

Tyson’s NFT collection was produced by 1ofOne, an NFT creative agency that tailors to A-list celebrities and global brands.

NFTV star

In what could either be a great or bad idea, Australian TV show “The Rebound” which screens on the Nine Network, is auctioning off a tokenized episode that will see the winning bidder become part of the show next season.

Episode 8 of The Rebound explores crypto-economics, and has been minted in NFT format on Rarible. The NFT was minted yeterday is up for auction now, with bidding set to close in six days, however, there are no current bids at the time of writing.

Along with becoming a regular guest on season three of the show, the winning bidder will also be mentored “in their business or career” as part of the shows’ accelerator program. “This NFT may be your ticket to a new financial trajectory, and maybe even TV stardom!” the description reads.

Lionel Messi looking to score

Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest soccer player in history has joined fellow Barcelona FC great Ronaldinho by entering the NFT space.

The drop is dubbed “The Messiverse” and is set to go live on the Ethernity marketplace tomorrow, which is a platform that produces and sells licensed NFTs.

The art depicted in the NFTs was designed by Australian artist Bosslogic, and the drop includes a special edition of 50 copies priced at $10,000 each, a limited edition of 2500 copies at $499 each, and an open edition worth $50 per copy.

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The artwork of the $10,000 “Man of Tomorrow” NFT displays a futuristic and bionic-looking portrait of Messi, with a cyberpunk style background. Owners of this special edition NFT will receive an extra unspecified “one-of-a-kind” NFT following the drop.

Vine co-founder working on NFT games

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the now-defunct social media app Vine is working on a new NFT gaming project called “Supdrive.” In the Supdrive discord channel, Hofmann described the project as “an on-chain fantasy console game where the games themselves are NFTs.”

“You can think of it sort of like Artblocks for games. These games all run on the Supdrive Virtual Firmware, a toolkit that allows games to be written in the concise instructions that are gas-friendly and ideal for on-chain storage,” he wrote.

The Vine co-founder revealed that the first game is called “Origin” and that games developed by the project will have an “old-school arcade-style” similar to Pacman and Asteroid. He hasn’t specified what blockchain he is building on at this stage.

“As the firmware is upgraded, games will gradually become more sophisticated. Perhaps one day we’ll have Super Supdrive or Supdrive 64,” he said.


Cointelegraph reported on Aug. 20 that Crypto.com partnered with Italy’s top soccer league, Lega Serie A. The partnership will see Crypto.com’s branding featured during game broadcasts, and the exchange will also launch some new Lega Serie A NFTs.

Earlier this week NFT marketplace SuperRare announced an upgrade named “SuperRare 2.0” that introduces independent storefronts, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), “sovereign smart contracts” and the RARE curation token.

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney

Nifty News: NFT searches at ICO-mania levels, a robot and Snoop Dog drop NFTs, plus more

NFT Searches are on track to surpass the levels last seen for ICO searches in 2017, as Snoop Dog, Aston Martin, and an autonomous robot ready their own NFT drops.

Interest in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has surged to almost the level of searches for the term 'ICO' during the 2017 bull market mania, according to data from Google Trends. With eight days left in March, the current spike in interest could even surpass interest in ICOs back then, which would be an impressive feat indeed.

The Initial Coin Offering mania in 2017 was partly the cause, and partly the result, of the 2017 bull run that culminated in Bitcoin peaking just shy of $20,000.

Given NFTs span gaming, music, art, virtual land — and can even represent real world objects like houses — they potentially have a much larger audience than the predominately finance and tech people who were drawn to ICOs.

Search interest for NFT vs. ICO. Source: Google Trends

Search interest has no doubt been sparked by the mainstream media enthusiastically covering NFTs being sold for jaw dropping prices including a collage from digital artist Beeple selling at Christie’s for $69 million and music producer 3LAU selling his new album as NFTs for $11.7 million.

Snoop Dog, Lionel Richie, and Boy George

Cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com has announced it will launch a new NFT marketplace featuring drops from Snoop Dog, Lionel Richie, and Boy George along with James Bond’s favorite Formula One team Aston Martin. The platform, which is due to open on March 26, will focus on “delivering unique content from popular artists, musicians, athletes, and sports.

Aston Martin’s Cognizant Formula One team will launch a series of moments on the platform, capitalizing on the success of sports memorabilia platforms including NBA Top Shot and Sorare. Managing Director of the team Jefferson Slack stated:

“The collection of NFTs we’re making available capture the very first moments of our return to F1 after more than six decades.”

The new Aston Martin team makes its F1 race debut in Bahrain, on 28 March

Do the robot

Art created by Gaka-Chu, an autonomous robot developed by the Robonomics team, is currently being auctioned on NFT marketplace Rarible. The robot has actually been creating art for more than three years now, but this is reportedly the first time work created by the robot has been sold as an NFT.

The unique aspect is the fine art created by the robot is entirely self-managed, with the creation process recorded and included in the NFT. One piece, with a current bid of $1,674, features the robot drawing the Ethereum logo with the attached quote, “It would never happen without Ethereum. I can work, create and live my best life.”

3 Million GameTalkTalk users can soon mint ‘carbon neutral’ NFTs

Enjin has partnered with Ludena Protocol to integrate “eco-friendly NFTs” into Korea’s top social gaming app GameTalkTalk. The partnership will allow the app’s 3 million users to create their own NFTs for digital fashion, pets and real estate.

According to a release, Enjin’s multi-chain approach will reduce the impact of NFT minting on the environment (a hot button issue right now) through a number of technologies, including JumpNet, a gas-free scaling solution. The app also will showcase the technology to large gaming brands including Blizzard and SEGA.

$500,000 digital home on Mars

Mars House: Courtesy of Krista Kim

An NFT collector has paid $500,000 for a digital home in a Mars-like landscape. That’s more than most homes go for here in the physical world on Earth.

“Mars House” sold on Superrare earlier this week for 288 ETH. Krist Kim, the creator, dubbed it as the first true digital home, and it was designed in collaboration with an architect, using video game software.

In the Instagram post, Kim explained that the new owner could bring the home and furniture to life with the help of a team of glass furniture-makers based in Italy. Kim also has a strong vision that the art could be projected in a physical house.

“Everyone should install an LED wall in their house for NFT art.”

So in theory you could potentially show off your $500,000 NFT home on the wall of your $300,000 condo.

‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ may have contributed to SVB collapse: Mulvaney