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Dreamr App Signups Grow 1600% Month-Over-Month Following DMR Governance Token Listing on Bittrex Global

Dreamr App Signups Grow 1600% Month-Over-Month Following DMR Governance Token Listing on Bittrex Global


Source: Bitcoin.com

Dreamr Labs flagship product, the Dreamr app, continues to gain momentum in new user signups one month after the DMR token launch. Roadmap is being accelerated to meet consumer demand for dreamr technologies.

Dreamr (Ticker: DMR) is the community-driven platform created for users to pursue their personal and entrepreneurial dreams. The platform helps people to build a supportive tribe around their declared dream, features an encrypted messenger, and has decentralized financial tools in its roadmap to help users overcome the inevitable monetary obstacles that get in their way.

Users can earn DMR tokens by using the dreamr app to declare their dream and connect with others on the platform pursuing their own ambitions and goals. The DMR token has utility in the form of platform governance, which gives token holders a real say in making changes to the dreamr development roadmap.

Dreamr has also disclosed plans in its white paper to turn user’s dream content and stories into NFTs to give community members ownership and value while pursuing their dreams.

Here are some statistics from the first 30 days of the DMR token being listed on Bittrex Global:

  • Dreamr rose to #18 on the Apple App Store Top Charts (Lifestyle)
  • The DMR Token is +30% from its listing price despite overall market volatility
  • The platform’s philanthropic Dream Machine Tour is generating viral content featuring the dreamr app and its native digital asset (DMR). Tour content has generated over 100M views across social properties during the last 30 days. Original content produced from dreamr’s philanthropic efforts is being utilized to grow its user base ahead of planned monetization.
  • Big dreams from dreamr app users have been coming true on the Dream Machine Tour, landing media mentions from entertainment publications like Billboard, E News, and Newsweek.
  • Dreamr has just released its 3rd drop in its Community NFT series, which are unique to a big dream coming true and only given out (for free) to community members who directly contributed to making that dream a reality.

Dreamr CEO, Chris Adams stated; ”Exceeding expectations is every CEOs best case scenario, I’m pleased to announce that we are doing exactly that and putting ourselves months ahead of schedule on several business objectives. The steady increase in app downloads is gratifying to see, as it means our marketing investments are bearing tangible results.”

Just 25 days into the tour, Charlie and the Dreamr team have been able to make several big dreams come true. The result is a number of extremely viral pieces of content, totaling well over 100 million views across social media platforms, providing great exposure for the dreamr brand and its native digital asset, the DMR governance token.

The dream-making on Dream Machine Tour 21 #DMT21 has brought in collaborations from big brands like Shopify, Bella Canvas, Ben Newman Companies, and Quality One Wireless.

Download the Dreamr app and start declaring your dreams today. Connect with @charlie on dreamr to get your dream in front of the Dream Machine Tour team for consideration.



Dreamr® (Ticker: DMR Bittrex Global) is an ecosystem of social networking and financial tools designed specifically to make practical the pursuit of our biggest dreams. The dreamr platform is a positive and powerful space for users to declare their dream and build a supportive community of new, like-minded connections. With web3 integration, the community-based network is thoughtfully designed into an easy-to-use mobile app experience. Founded in July 2015 and operated in stealth until 2019, the dreamr app officially launched on iOS & Android in September 2020.

Its team of technologists, entrepreneurs, and creatives have come together around a mission to make the pursuit of our biggest dreams and aspirations more practical for everyone – already raising nearly $2 million to build upon the vision of a digital ecosystem comprised of mobile networking & decentralized financial tools.

As a brand, Dreamr is known for infusing a community-first, philanthropic spirit into everything it does. The Dreamr team achieves this by gamifying the process of social networking through its primary networking feature, Dream Connect. With the removal of vanity metrics, the thoughtful approach focuses on allowing anyones dream the ability to gain traction across the network. Financial tools in development to help users monetize their dream-network include the new DMR token, Dreamr Crowdfunding, P2P Service Marketplace, and P2P payments.

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