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Akt.io Shows How DeFi Is Shaping the Future and Why Financial Institutions Are Ripe for Disruption

Akt.io Shows How DeFi Is Shaping the Future and Why Financial Institutions Are Ripe for Disruption


Source: Bitcoin.com

Investing has become mandatory for those who want to secure their financial future. Despite this need, the accessible alternatives for those wanting to put their money to work are few. Akt.io will change this and democratize the world of investing.

Why do you need investments?

With current accounts offering zero returns and savings accounts offering close to zero returns, investing has become mandatory if you don’t want inflation to chew up your financial future. The problem is that investing is intimidating and associated with a lot of risk for the vast majority of people.

Despite the plethora of investment platforms on the market today, investing remains for those who know how to navigate this world with confidence and actually make a profit from the bets they make. And, now you are only speaking about investing in traditional assets, such as stocks. Once you start adding newer asset classes and investments to the mix, such as crypto and crypto staking, the gap between those who can access and benefit from investments and those who can’t, widen even more.

Then you also have the problem of choosing between growth and spending. Because even those who know how to invest, still face the choice between their money growing in an investment, or being able to pay with it.

Considering the fact that all people would like their money to grow, with a global wealth management market estimated to be worth over $75 trillion, should it have to be this difficult to put money to work?

A fintech challenger sees an opportunity

The fintech company Automata was founded by Gael Itier in 2017. Gael is a Computer Scientist who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in France. He was at the time working for a German neobank where he developed trading algorithms, as well as established and grew the company’s wealth management department. It was during this period that Gael discovered that the same type of algorithmic trading used to successfully manage investment portfolios for high-net worth clients could be adapted to the retail market, when combined with fractional investing and assets.

The motivation for Gael was to democratize the world of investing and offer investment solutions that would help clients grow their wealth and have it working for them at all times, while at the same time keeping it accessible for payments.

In 2018 Automata Network Ltd. was incorporated in the UK. The company develops a robo-advisor for the crypto market, based on the success they had with an algorithm employed in traditional financial markets. It was also during this year the team started the process of combining advanced wealth management tools, such as algorithmic trading and crypto staking, with payment services.

The team realizes that in order to bridge the gap between the investment solutions they want to offer, and make it possible to easily liquidate the invested capital, they need an asset exchange able to execute very rapid fractional exchanges between a variety of asset classes on the same platform. This need pushes the team to develop a new type of multi-route asset exchange, called the WealthHub, that sits at the core of the investment platform they have under development.

The WealthHub technology they develop is powered by a proprietary algorithm that’s created in-house by Gael and his team. The exchange makes it possible to make direct asset exchanges almost instantly, between all the asset providers connected to it. This means that users will be able to make fractional exchanges between different assets and investments like crypto, shares, crypto lending platforms, automated portfolios and any other investment available on their platform, directly and without a middle man.

Thanks to the Akt.io WealthHub, the scope of possibilities grows rapidly and by signing a partnership deal with an international payment service provider, users will soon be able to directly pay with any owned asset, with an automated exchange taking place in a few seconds between the asset and the currency requested by the merchant.

The goal is to make it possible for users to pay with money that’s always working for them and essentially, head down to Starbucks and pay for a coffee with crypto, gold or any investment they prefer.

In 2020 rebranded itself to Akt.io and after years of development the wealth app will soon be available for users in key European markets. Akt.io will during the fall of 2021 launch their Aktio Coin ICO that will be the final step before the wealth app launches in 2022.

The team said: “It’s been a long and challenging ride but even though winter is approaching rapidly, we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because after years of development we hope that we have found the solution for the millions of retail investors who until this day have not been able to access the most effective tools for securing their financial future.”

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