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The Crypto Briefing

BlackRock’s BUIDL fund now transferable via Circle’s USDC contract

Circle deploys a smart contract for BUIDL holders to exchange shares for USDC.

Bitcoin ETF approvals in the US boost demand for Crystal Blockchain tools

Crystal Blockchain experiences a demand spike for analytics tools following US Bitcoin ETF approvals, as highlighted by COO Marina Khaustova.

Crypto trading volumes surpass $5.3 trillion in 2024 Q1

The DEX to CEX ratio suffered a pullback between quarters, yet both platforms managed to show growth in 2024's first quarter.

ATOR partners with peaq to enhance DePIN privacy

ATOR joins peaq to provide a privacy layer for DePINs, leveraging onion routing for secure, anonymous Web3 traffic.

Sam Bankman-Fried requests to stay in Brooklyn jail to access appeal counsel

Sam Bankman-Fried requests Brooklyn jail stay, aiming for better access to appeal counsel under Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Wintermute sees positive prospects for Bitcoin ecosystem post-halving

Wintermute's recent report reveals key details on how the Bitcoin ecosystem is projected to react after the halving.

Bitcoin L2s could start a liquidity war this month, KuCoin report suggests

KuCoin report indicates a 'battle for liquidity' among Bitcoin L2s as Merlin Chain hits a TVL peak and Stacks nears its Nakamoto upgrade.

How zkLink Nova addresses Ethereum’s liquidity fragmentation

Learn about zkLink Nova, the zero-knowledge L3 infrastructure provider that addresses liquidity and asset fragmentation challenges in Ethereum's L2 ecosystem.

PancakeSwap enables limit orders through Orbs partnership

PancakeSwap's integration of Orbs' dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols enhances trading options for users on its multi-chain DEX platform.

Kraken to cease Monero trading in two European countries

Kraken will delist Monero for users in Ireland and Belgium in June, with remaining balances to be converted to Bitcoin.