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B2BinPay: How to Find a Reliable Provider of Bitcoin Payments

B2BinPay: How to Find a Reliable Provider of Bitcoin Payments


Source: Bitcoin.com

PRESS RELEASE. Bitcoin is not just the first cryptocurrency to have come onto the scene – the role of this asset has substantially increased in recent years.

Giant corporations like Tesla and Xiaomi have added BTC to the list of payment options, while El Salvador has made Bitcoin a legal tender within the country. According to market capitalization, only Amazon, Google, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, and Apple surpass the first cryptocurrency, hence the crypto market still has a huge potential to grow.

Merchants are aware that innovations are inevitable and they must keep up with the times. This is why a Bitcoin payment gateway has become a “must-have feature” for today’s businesses.

Top-3 Reasons to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Why should a business owner add this option?

  1. The overall number of crypto holders is booming – 300+ million people hold BTC, USDT, and other digital assets. This is why your target audience could drastically skyrocket.
  2. Bitcoin payments are cheaper as no third parties take place. With a cryptocurrency gateway, commissions are much lower than those of debit/credit cards.
  3. Crypto payments provide both merchants and customers with high-level security. The procedure is irreversible.

The whole list of advantages is much broader and many merchants are well aware that such an innovation boosts their businesses.

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments?

The fear of change is one of the key obstacles for business owners but connecting is actually very straightforward:

  1. Find a reliable crypto payment service provider (e.g. B2BinPay).
  2. Open a Bitcoin wallet. B2BinPay enables merchants to access a secure wallet and business owners may receive funds directly to their bank accounts. A provider processes crypto payments, converts digital currencies into the chosen fiat one by market prices and withdraw fiat to bank accounts.
  3. All-in-one solutions make it very straightforward to accept digital currencies – experts connect APIs and are responsible for all the setup.
  4. Merchants get 24/7 support to resolve any hurdles and headaches in the shortest time possible.

B2BinPay is a next-level solution that drives your business to new peaks. Aside from Bitcoin, merchants can receive 800+ more cryptocurrencies, covering the target audience as far as possible.

Options Available for Bitcoin-Holders

There are various options available, for example. These include those who prefer to exchange crypto payments. There are also those who understand the growing potential of Bitcoin and wish to hold crypto funds. What kind of options are available?

  • Hold BTC as an investment instrument. The yearly growth of Bitcoin is 472%.
  • Use BTC to purchase goods and services as well. More than 23 000 businesses globally accept the first cryptocurrency as a payment method.
  • Exchange Bitcoin for other crypto assets (Stellar, Cardano, Ethereum) with exceptionally low fees.

B2BinPay wallets are multifunctional and highly secure, serving as an entrance door to the crypto world.


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