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Cometh Partners With Alchemix for “Wizards” Collection of Yield-Generating NFTs

Cometh Partners With Alchemix for “Wizards” Collection of Yield-Generating NFTs


Source: Daily Hodle

Fast-growing blockchain strategy game Cometh has released its collection of themed NFT spaceships in collaboration with Alchemix, a synthetic token platform that offers self-repaying loans. The Wizards Collection is available on the official Cometh OpenSea marketplace and on Cometh’s Tube after a 24-hour auction that took place on April 7, 2021. The event is Cometh’s largest sale to date.

The collection consists of 50 Croissant uncommon spaceships, five Friendmaker rare spaceships and five Space Crab rare spaceships. Both teams also worked together on the Liberator spaceship token and launched it as a single-edition NFT that has mythic properties inside the Cometh game. It features the largest mining area ever featured on a spaceship, 220% mining power and 30% cashback in the game’s native $MUST token.

Cometh architect, Jerome de Tychey, said,

“Alchemix is one of the most promising DeFi projects out there – it’s super exciting to have them chime in on Polygon. Their designer did an amazing job on those NFTs. Can’t wait to cruise in one of those beautiful spaceships.”

Snape said,

“I’ve had the pleasure of creating a lot of artwork for the Alchemix brand, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to be asked to create spaceships (especially those of the croissant variety). It was a very rewarding process and also a pleasure to work with Cometh who were super supportive. Here’s to the Future of France(™).”

All benefits from the auction will be distributed in-game. A MUST/ALCX pool was created on ComethSwap, the game’s own L2 DEX. These liquidity pool tokens will be sent to an Alchemix-shaped asteroid where players will be able to mine rewards with their spaceships. This way, rewards go back to spaceship holders and liquidity providers.

On Cometh, players collect NFT spaceships in order to mine asteroids for tokens. These same spaceships are also able to generate yields for their holders – a feature that makes Cometh the first blockchain game to combine NFT and DeFi features into a fun gaming experience.

More details on the release have been shared by the Cometh team.

About Cometh

Cometh is the first DeFi Layer-2 powered blockchain game with yield-generating NFTs. It combines these features into a fun strategy game where players pilot spaceships that are tasked with mining asteroids for tokens. In-game transactions are denominated in the game’s stakeable ERC20 $MUST token.

About Alchemix

Alchemix is a platform for the creation of yield-backed synthetic tokens that users can acquire for no cost in exchange for locking collateral in the Alchemix system. It gives users the ability to get an advance on their future yield immediately. These Alchemical Synthetic Tokens are a powerful DeFi primitive and a new way to make derivatives based on yield instead of debt.

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