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Dvision Network Set to Release Limited-Edition NFT Characters

Dvision Network Set to Release Limited-Edition NFT Characters


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Dvision Network Set to Release Limited-Edition NFT Characters

The NFT sector continues to grow, and it is no surprise that Dvision Network is looking to release NFTs. The Virtual Reality blockchain platform offers users the opportunity to purchase virtual space within its ecosystem, and NFTs are a significant part of this.

Limited-Edition NFT Characters

Dvision Network, a virtual reality blockchain ecosystem, has announced that it is set to pre-release the designs of five limited-edition NFTs.

This information was revealed on March 15 and signaled the first major foray into the Non-fungible tokens sector by Dvision Network. According to the report, the five designs are from the limited-edition NFT originally scheduled to be available before the end of March.

The NFT characters are built based on the avatar of major stakeholders within the cryptocurrency industry and will be auctioned in the coming days on NFT Marketplace OpenSea.

The NFTs released by Dvision Network are unique and scarce since they are obtained from the limited edition collection. Investors that acquire one of these five NFT characters will be eligible to acquire additional NFT assets from the limited edition series.

Also, the NFT characters will be usable within the Dvision Metaverse in the future and can also be traded on the primary and secondary markets. Dvision Network will also incentivize those who purchase the limited edition NFTs in the form of DVI tokens.

Eom, Jung-hyun, CEO of Dvision Network echoes similar sentiments. “We intend to supply these sort of unique NFT items to the prospective Dvision Network users in order add the fun elements to their gamified metaverse ecosystem experience, and to let them play joyfully, surfing across the virtual reality and open world via the usage of the celebrity characters,” he said in a statement.

Bithumb Set to List DVI/KRW Trading Pairs

Bithumb, the largest exchange in South Korea, is set to list DVI/KRW trading pairs. This comes after the exchange listed the DVI/BTC trading pairs on its platform. Dvision Network took part in the Bithumb’s native competition, the “BTC Open“, where the winner would be guaranteed listing on the KRW market within three months after the contest ends.

Dvision Network led the competition in the third round of the “BTC Open” and is guaranteed the listing into the KRW market in three months.

This is a significant development for DVI token holders as the listing will enable Koreans the opportunity to trade their native KRW directly to DVI, increasing liquidity for the token. Dvision Network earlier in January secured the listing of DVI on the popular custodial platform “Coinbase Custody.”

The Dvision Network continues to develop its ecosystem and is set to conduct the DVI conference in Q3 2021.

About DVision Network

Dvision Network is a blockchain-based VR content ecosystem. Dvision Network presents a new virtual reality world and humanity that can lead a prosperous life at the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which refers to a new industrial era based on information and communication technology (ICT).

Precisely, the Dvision Network consists of three major products. The VR-Market is essentially an NFT marketplace where users can create, develop and transact NFT items. VR-Space, where gamers can acquire virtual spaces and sell for-profits, and the VR-City, serves as an open VR world where gamers can interact across multiple virtual spaces.

These products are powered by Dvision Network native token DVI, which is listed on Uniswap, Bithumb, Coinone, and Hoo.


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