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Unido’s Partnership With Moonstake Connects Users to 0 Million in New Staking Assets

Unido’s Partnership With Moonstake Connects Users to $800 Million in New Staking Assets


Source: Daily Hodle

Unido recently partnered with Moonstake to bring one of the world’s largest global validator staking pools to Unido users.

Moonstake was founded to satisfy the growing demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency investment options in Asia and to provide business services and bring staking pool options to millions of regional and global users. The platform currently boasts over $800 million in staking assets and has deep ties with leading platforms across Asia’s blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

Unido was founded to bring enterprise-ready blockchain, DeFi, and investment tools to corporate users. Its market-ready product acts as a bridge between the traditional fiat and cryptocurrency domains and was designed to help institutions and corporations securely store, manage, and invest their crypto holdings in decentralized finance networks.

As part of this partnership, Unido will list the Moonstake validator pool in its DeFi options interface. Using a few simple clicks, Unido clients can easily and securely invest their assets in staking pools of their choice that are run by Moonstake.

Blue-chip corporations and global enterprises are slowly waking up to the significant upside that cryptocurrency and DeFi investments can deliver, with brand-name corporations and individuals such as JPMorgan, MicroStrategy, GrayScale, Meitu, Elon Musk, and more, ever promoting the potential of decentralization versus traditional finance.

Unido is committed to providing its users with a diverse range of DeFi options on the Unido dashboard. With Moonstake staking pools on the Unido dashboard, Unido users will be able to grow Moonstake’s pools and generate returns in many different assets and investments. Unido tackles the problems faced by centralized financial governance by allowing you to securely store and manage your funds while enjoying the transparency, low costs, and low process times of blockchain transactions.

By partnering with Moonstake, Unido will provide enterprises and hedge funds an expanded range of investment options, complete with the sophisticated tools and features needed to fully control funds and investments.

About Moonstake

Moonstake aims to run the largest staking pool network in Asia with a focus on customer service and fast, performant, user-friendly services. Learn more about Moonstake here.

About Unido

Unido was founded in 2017 by experts in the fields of software development, blockchain development, and financial services. It connects enterprises with decentralized capital markets and helps institutions and corporations safely and securely store, manage, and invest in decentralized financial products. Learn more about Unido here.

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