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What Are the Advantages of Ethanium?



What Are the Advantages of Ethanium?

As one of several emerging “ICO” or online asset exchange currencies, Etherium aims to use its unique design to improve the efficiency and scalability of digital asset exchanges. At its core, the system combines several well-known protocols: Meta Stream, Consensus, RLP, and Chainstream. These protocols are designed to leverage the power of natural selection in order to provide an open source network for instant and real-time trading. The resulting design, collectively, provides greater efficiency and fewer barriers to entry than any other existing exchange currencies.

What sets Etherium apart from other platforms is that it allows instant confirmation of transactions within the network. By instant, we mean that unlike with most other platforms such as Forex, you do not have to wait for the five confirmations that take place on the Forex market before you are able to complete a trade. With Etherium, all transactions are broadcast to the entire network immediately. This immediately gives you a heads up on price movement and gives you an advantage of making faster transactions which can ultimately improve your bottom line. As a result, faster transaction speeds translate directly into more profit. Also, by eliminating the need for broker fees, traders save hundreds of dollars on each trade.

One of the many reasons that makes Etherium stand out from other platforms is that it takes a slightly different approach to how blockchains work. Unlike most blockchains, where transactions are stored within the same transaction history, the Ethopian block chain allows users to add any other transactions that they want to the end of the history. This gives you, the investor, more flexibility when trading. Additionally, this feature enriches the experience of using the platform, as you have the ability to skip transactions you do not wish to transact without incurring fees.

In addition to providing the flexibility to skip transactions, the Ethopian platform also provides a feature called MetaMask. With Meta Mask, you have the ability to view who is behind the trades in real time. In fact, you can even go so far as to see all transactions coming in at once! These advanced features to further protect you from fraudulent activities. However, it should be noted that Meta Mask requires a fee to use.

One of the key selling points of Ethanium is its scalability. While other protocols can be hard to scale, Ethanium allows traders to easily adjust their trading size so that they can still get very good results from small amounts of trading. Furthermore, Ethanium’s scalability is not limited to single trades but allows traders to conduct multiple transactions at the same time. In short, a lot of time can be saved during daily buy/sell transactions.

Finally, Ethanium comes with a few other useful features. Built on a new networking layer called Whispernet, this platform provides higher bandwidth and better latency for better performance from users. It also provides an easy-to-use interface, which further reduces training time for new traders.