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What is Ethernetium Commodity Value?

What is Ethernetium Commodity Value?


If you’ve been hearing about the new and upcoming revolution in the Internet called “ICO’s” then you should have heard of thorium. It’s the latest buzz in the world ofICO’s and the upcoming future of online business and investment. The main idea behind etherium is to create an open source protocol that allows users to interact with a digital asset using a smartphone, laptop, or any other Internet enabled device. In the future it is hoped that this technology will be adopted by the business and investment firms as a way to trade securities and currencies without the need for a traditional online trading platform. So, what exactly are etherium and what can it do for the investor?


Decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO’s are a new breed of cyber-currencies being launched on the blockchains currently. They are modeled after the work model of a traditional enterprise. Investors and entrepreneurs utilize their own digital currencies to make investments. Then once an investment is made, the investor is required to either participate in the venture or provide a check for the total value of the investment. An important feature of this system is that no central agency or governing board controls the system. This makes it more centralized than other digital currencies like Dash and Namecoin.

The decentralized nature of etherium goes beyond its ability to track and secure transactions. Vital aspects of its governance model include the ability for nodes to self manage their own networks. These nodes can be autonomously established in a variety of environments such as hardware and software racks, data centers, or even in the participant’s home. When a user begins using the ethernet for their internet connection they are creating a virtual machine (a virtual machine is simply a replica of an actual computer hardware device) which exists separate from their hardware device.

Another aspect of the decentralized network is how the network works in regards to its ledger. Investors and entrepreneurs will have their own digital ledger separate from their private network. This ledger will contain information on which funds have been invested into, and any associated fees and transaction costs. Investors will have a virtual “book” of their entire investment portfolio. The account can be controlled remotely through a web browser. Investors can view the books at any time and from anywhere.

The main purpose of thorium is not to make the world “afeer” as some people may fear. The goal of thorium is to make the global financial market more transparent. By doing so investors will be able to better understand where their money is going and why it is being used. Transparency is one of the major factors that makes the world go around and allows us to improve our living conditions and lives for the better. The overall efficiency and performance of the global economy would improve drastically.

There is also a strong community surrounding the use of this highly decentralized method of currency transfer. There are numerous websites that discuss this network and its uses. Interest in this form of investment is increasing with investors becoming increasingly aware of its benefits. Many people are finding it to be a very profitable way to generate income.