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Bitsgap Launches Intuitive Combo AI Bot for Futures Trading

Bitsgap Launches Intuitive Combo AI Bot for Futures Trading


Source: Daily Hodle

With countless trading opportunities, hundreds of new coins and a sheer influx of institutional and retail traders, the cryptocurrency market is becoming more complex by the day. Profiting amid market swings often entails considerable attention to detail and a perfect understanding of market trends, fundamentals, and technical analysis.

To cater to the growing market of new traders, Bitsgap is actively working on developing next-gen tools designed for trading, automation and portfolio management. During its three years of service, Bitsgap has further pushed the envelope of trading automation technologies by releasing complex and profitable bots.

This press release marks the launch of yet another high-tech solution from Bitsgap.

Bitsgap releases new futures trading bot

Bitsgap’s novel futures trading system has been named the Combo Bot. The Combo Bot utilizes complex trading algorithms like GRID and DCA when seizing trading opportunities.

Technically speaking, the Combo Bot is comprised of two primary features – longing and shorting. Users who believe in a crypto asset’s imminent price rise can simply hold their positions using the bot. As a result, the algorithm will sell GRID orders and lock in all returns as the price rises. If the price were to fall, the bot would utilize the dollar-cost averaging algorithm to execute buys.

The Combo Bot provides innumerable benefits to users who prefer longing. Users can simply buy to enter or sell to close. Similarly, if the research indicates an imminent price fall, traders can choose to short through their Combo Bot. The Combo Bot will execute buy GRID orders during the price crash. Moreover, the bot will execute short-sell DCA orders during the short-lived price increases. In contrast, users can access the short function by simply selling to enter or buying to close.

Furthermore, users looking to generate higher profits can access leverage margins. Through margin trading, users can borrow funds to increase their exposure to specific trades. However, collateral needs to be deposited. Interestingly, Bitsgap supports a competitive margin ratio so that traders can benefit from cross margins and isolated margins.

Additionally, users can access their profit and loss. The profits and loss metrics are transparently displayed via charts highlighting if the bot is generating profits or losses. The Combo Bot has been extensively developed and tested by the Bitsgap team to ensure high success rates. Interestingly, through a skillful combination of GRID and DCA strategies, the Combo Bot’s long-term usage is highly expected to generate profits despite short-lived and unpredictable price swings.

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an innovative all-in-one trading platform for cryptocurrencies, providing a robust trading system, portfolio management, arbitrage, signals, demos and algorithmic trading bots. With support for Binance, OKEx, Kraken and 25 other exchanges, Bitsgap has established itself as a formidable profit-maximization solution.

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