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Binance has appointed new head of ‘Greater China’

Binance has appointed new head of ‘Greater China’


Source: Coin Telegraph

It’s not entirely clear when Terence Zeng assumed his leadership role, though the appointment appears to have been recent.

Following the high-profile appointment of Brian Brooks to CEO of Binance.US, it has come to light that the Malta-based parent company has reshuffled its executive leadership by appointing Terence Zeng as head of Greater China.

Zeng reportedly graduated from John Hopkins University and possesses a law degree from the University of Hong Kong, though his online presence is limited. He has been heading Binance’s Greater China division since at least early April, according to an interview with Chain News, a China-based technology publication.

In the interview, dated April 7, Zeng introduces himself as the head of Binance Greater China.

“I am currently the head of Binance Greater China,” he said, according to a translated version of the interview. “Before joining Binance, I was doing finance, mainly engaged in the field of institutional investment and financing, that is, helping clients such as listed companies, fund investment, and financing.”

Zeng also worked for large investment banks in the United States and Hong Kong before shifting focus to “alternative financial products,” which may have led him to cryptocurrencies and Binance. In the interview, he acknowledged that his first exposure to digital assets was as far back as 2013.

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, but its relationship with China is complicated due to a ban on digital-asset trading in the country. Beijing may be clearing some regulatory hurdles to reenable cryptocurrency trading in the country, though progress appears to be slow.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Li Bo acknowledged Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins as a legitimate alternative investment option. He also didn’t rule out the possibility of stablecoins becoming a “widely used payment tool.”

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Author: Sam Bourgi