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Digital Money 2025: What You Could Spend, Where You Could Invest, and How You Could Borrow?

Digital Money 2025: What You Could Spend, Where You Could Invest, and How You Could Borrow?


Source: Bitcoin.com

Cryptocurrencies have been on an incredible trajectory over the past 12 months, with the total market capitalization growing from $198 billion in April 2020 to more than $2 trillion today.

This meteoric rise is coupled with increasing adoption from consumers driven by major announcements from household names, such as Square, Visa, and PayPal, which now accept digital assets as means of payments or settlements.

Electric car maker Tesla announced in February that it would accept bitcoin as payment for its cars, as well as also demonstrating its commitment to crypto by making a $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase for its balance sheet.

Simultaneously, the industry has experienced a resurgence of institutional adoption like never before. Hedge funds have rushed into the market, stock investors have flocked to publicly-listed crypto companies, and commercial banks are adding more crypto services. All while central banks worldwide eagerly watch on, with many mulling their own digital currencies.

With such rapid and fundamental changes in the landscape in just 12 months, EQUOS looks at what the future of digital money looks like for the next 12 months and years beyond.

In tomorrow’s webinar hosted by EQUOS, Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com, and Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, will look at what themes are driving the market now and how they will develop in the future. They will look at how the traditional models will evolve and how crypto will become a staple in every facet of our lives.


The upcoming webinar follows the decision by the EQUOS Listing Committee to approve the listing of Bitcoin Cash on the exchange in March.

Roger Ver is a staunch proponent of BCH, which has larger block sizes to manage massive transaction throughput at high speeds like real digital money or a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

“EQUOS has delivered a platform that is focused on providing transparent and fair markets with innovative products and is pleased to list BCH as a constantly evolving, developing, and resilient crypto that has passed muster at its listing committee,” explained EQUOS.

EQUOS, launched in July 2020, is an institutional-grade crypto exchange available. EQUOS is part of Diginex (Nasdaq: EQOS), which became the first Nasdaq-listed company with a crypto exchange in October 2020.

The listing of Diginex was an important milestone for the cryptocurrency industry and opened the door for financial institutions to participate in the digital assets market through a public company.

EQUOS recently launched its own token, EQUOS Origin, which rewards traders with exclusive benefits for using EQUOS, such as enhanced interest, lower fees, and it can be used as collateral. The Diginex group also includes digital asset trading technology platform Diginex Access, digital asset custody provider Digivault, and the investment management business Bletchley Park Asset Management.

Join the Live Webinar titled “Roger Ver and Richard Byworth tackle Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the Future of Digital Money” on April 21st 9 am ET/9pm HKT. Click here to register.

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