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NFTs Are Coming to Polkadot as Kusama Deploys Ethereum Alternatives

NFTs Are Coming to Polkadot as Kusama Deploys Ethereum Alternatives


Source: Crypto Briefing

NFTs on Polkadot may arrive sooner than expected thanks to its canary network Kusama.

NFT Projects Expand on Kusama

Many of Kusama’s initiatives share a common goal of deploying NFTs as soon as possible on Polkadot for applications in art, music, and gaming.

While most of the NFT market currently exists on Ethereum, exorbitant gas fees have been problematic for retail users, prompting them to explore other blockchains. Kusama is thus looking to pave the way for cross-chain adoption and ease much of this congestion. 

To make this happen, various development teams like Parity, Moonbeam, Usetech, Bit Country, and KodaDot have built Substrate-based NFT components. Substrate is the development environment for Polkadot and Kusama. 

One such tool is the RMRK app, a standardized technique for creating NFTs on the Kusama Relay Chain.  Another is KodaDot NFT Explorer, which allows even non-technical users to create a marketplace for their artwork. 

Native NFTs have already arrived in projects such as Substrapunks, a spin-off of the CryptoPunks game launched on its parachain called Unique Network.

Source: Twitter

Besides much of the development in open source software for NFTs, the canary network is now promoting its technology to art collectors, artists, and other art fans worldwide.

On Mar. 26, Kusama Treasury is organizing Virtual Niche, the world’s first crypto art exhibition, for 14 days in Beijing, China. The exhibition will feature well-known names in the NFT art scene, including Robert Alice and Beeple, whose artwork has propelled the latest media excitement. 

During the event, the Kusama team will give workshops on NFTs to Chinese digital artists. Chiba Gallery, a digital art project built on the Kusama Network, will also be introduced. 

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Author: Vishal Chawla