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Playboy Partners With Nifty Gateway NFT Platform


Source: Crypto Briefing

Playboy announced the partnership along with multiple artist collaborations and curations earlier today.

Playboy Bunnies on the Blockchain

Nifty Gateway is an NFT platform owned by the Gemini exchange, focusing on the sale of digital art. Playboy Enterprises, a media company most known for its branded erotic art, tweeted to 1.5 million followers on Apr. 06 with partnership details.

Playboy’s entrance to the NFT space will see the company curate art collections from over 70 years of archived art and photography, likely stemming largely from Playboy Magazine. TIME Magazine also entered the NFT space recently to auction off iconic covers from the 60s to th present day.

As well as curating its own art, the media company is collaborating with Slime Sunday, an artist that makes collages with Playboy artwork and imagery. Playboy is also partnering with Blake Kathryn, a multidisciplinary artist releasing a pride-themed NFT art curation this June.

Playboy stated that the NFT industry allows the company to build on its “long history of providing a platform for artists and creative self-expression.”

“We are thrilled by all of the innovation and access the blockchain can bring, and a big piece of our work will be supporting artists as a collector and via upcoming grants. We’re here to learn, support the community and innovate together.”

Platinum-selling R&B artist The Weeknd recently sold an NFT collection on Nifty Gateway for $2.29 million, and the total NFT market volume is now approaching $193 billion according to Non Fungible.

The erotic media company partnership represents one of the many ways the blockchain industry has made ties with sex workers in recent years.

Disclosure: The author held BTC and ETH at the time of writing.

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Author: Conor Maloney